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    Oh yes, as a man I have so few opportunities here to make interesting women's attention to himself. Sure, I have someone here looking for s*x and fun, but really my desire to go even further but something. Search in this way nice contacts to broaden my horizons and see what all is possible.

    If I have time I'm going to write more ...

    Until later,
    lg Ursus

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    Welche Leute möchtest Du gerne kennen lernen?
    Ne really good question ...? Nice people to have fun of course. But apart from that time why we are probably all here, I expect: honesty, openness, tolerance, intelligence, cleanliness goes alone and a lot Ehrfahrung participate in as I can. The latter is not quite so important, so we can collect together.
    Welche Hobbys hast Du?
    Since there are not that many. Reading the usual things like, chill glotze TV, etc., I can not really be regarded as real hobby. I love good food and cook like too (just not for me alone). (I'm happy in nature, we should appreciate it more, so that we all have something more like this * sigh *) am interested in many things and I try every day to learn about
    Welche Musik hörst Du?
    Querbeet from trance to reggae, but not a perfect world a la **** hits and folk music (Volksverdummung?). Commerce, such as dirt from Bohlen & Co are not really my case.
    Hast Du Dich schon mal mit jemanden getroffen, den Du im Internet kennen gelernt hast?
    Not yet.
    Was darf auf einer guten Party nicht fehlen?
    nice people, good music,
    Was würdest Du Dir wünschen, wenn Du drei Wünsche frei hättest?
    mmmh what I should like to see as wealth, health, peace, happiness or something else. So one would already rich: a self-AND HAPPY LIFE FOR ALL
    Nenne uns die drei wichtigsten Dinge in Deinem Leben?
    Family, friends, satisfaction
    Was würdest Du auf eine einsame Insel mitnehmen?
    Saudumme question, do not want to dream alone, alone on the beach and give me a wag of the palm tree ....
    Wie oft bist Du hier online?
    Irregular, but I try to drop by here more times.
    Wo magst Du s*x am liebsten?
    Good s*x can take place anywhere yet, right?
    Was ist Deine Lieblingsstellung beim s*x?
    dog*ystyle I find fine, but are also in is great
    Was war Dein außergewöhnlichstes s*xerlebnis?
    can ask me happy
    Welche s*xspielzeuge benutzt Du gerne?
    've got no experience, but I am curious and open-minded
    Welches ist Dein Lieblings-s*xspielzeug?
    see above
    Was macht Dich bei einer Frau richtig doll an?
    where women can really let themselves
    Hast du eine geile s*xphantasie, die du gerne mal real erleben möchtest?
    But hello ...
    Auf welchen Typ Frau stehst DU?
    Self-confident, knows what she wants me must be mainly symphatisch
    Wie oft brauchst du s*x?
    Oh man, there are days when I could from morning till evening and then all over again. But just as there are days when I still do not even think about s*x. Am just only a man
    Ist die Größe des Busens für Dich wichtig?
    Not so much get up, but on large nipples which can absorb.
    Hast du einen Fetisch?
    Think so ...