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    if you want to know more about me just ask me, I will not bite. If not here then you can reach me online at

    Yahoo thomasnrw69 =

    thomas69nrw on MSN = (at) hotmail.de


    ICQ = 24775365

    I think it's fu*king horny in the summer outside, and this may be observed to touch each other Jerkgames also like to watch and watch with me makes it even a horny woman and her jerk off while pi**ing in the Pu**y to each other, they can also anzupi**en his have irritating, have experience in fi*ting and ana* s*x, from soft to hard. Stand on stretching games with her long inner labia and make me totally.

    In particular, I'm on unusual characteristics in women such as:
    - Extra long labia,
    - Thick lips,
    - Large clitoris,
    - Large and long nipples,
    - Very small breasts,
    - Large Warzenvorhöfe
    - Dark or very bright Warzenvorhöfe
    - Very large breasts, which also depend
    - Women correctly Cum***t
    - Very thin women
    - Very fat women
    - Wide / stretched cunt
    - Wide / stretched ars**möse
    -Pregnant Women

    ......... what you feel like I should use it to show

    search in the Dortmund - Bochum - Hagen - Food + 50km

    Happy to be a submissive wife should report to me, I know and can deal with these women and I'm not a "hau drauf spinners. I am trying on women during s*x like something new and want to say not just no to everything. Stand up s*x with women aged 40 - 70y, because these women are like fine wine, the older the better. ;-)) I would like to once again seduce a young woman between 18 to 20 years.

    Greeting DomTom69

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    Hast Du Dich schon mal mit jemanden getroffen, den Du im Internet kennen gelernt hast?
    ja habe ich schon mal..............
    Wie oft bist Du hier online?
    ab und an, meist über MSN zu erreichen
    Wo magst Du s*x am liebsten?
    überall wo man es machen kann........
    Was ist Deine Lieblingsstellung beim s*x?
    von hinten mag ich sehr
    Hast du eine geile s*xphantasie, die du gerne mal real erleben möchtest?
    hmmm ............. schon so einige.........aber das erzähle ich gerne mal unter vier Augen
    Auf welchen Typ Frau stehst DU?
    keinen bestimmten......................
    Wie oft brauchst du s*x?
    so oft "Mann" oder Frau lust hat ................
    Ist die Größe des Busens für Dich wichtig?
    nein ist sie nicht .............
    Hast du einen Fetisch?
    hmmm ............. schon so einige.........aber das erzähle ich gerne mal unter vier Augen